This year we are supporting SIA!

SIA (Spinal Injuries Association)

The Spinal Injuries Association is a UK based charity. It has become the leading voice of the spinal cord injured community, counting over 10,000 members.

SIA strives to help its members to live fulfilled lives, despite their life-changing injuries. Not only they empower the SCI people, but also they educate their families and wider public by fighting any misconception and wrong perception anyone can have.

Every year, about 1,000 people sustain a spinal cord injury. This accounts for 3 new patients per day. Such patients are left with varying degrees of disability, ranging from minor sensory problems to full paralysis. There is currently no treatment that reverses a complete paralysis.

It is of upmost importance that such patients are admitted to a specialist spinal care centres. These tertiary specialist centres are vital for rehabilitation and re-integration of the patient back into society.

SIA is aiming to improve the quality of health care services received by SCI people, to support the wellbeing of SCI people and enhance their inclusivity in society.

SIA Achievements

In the past twelve months, the SIA provided peer the SCI people with 4,733 peer support sessions, trained and supported over 1,700 healthcare professionals and proposed “A paralysed system” – a report on the outcomes of providing local health services for people discharged from SCI centres.