SurgSoc AGM


Interested in Surgery? Want to be a part of a fantastic committee?

Come along to the SurgSoc AGM and run for a position on committee! We’re welcoming all budding surgeons to run on MONDAY 9TH APRIL 2018.6PM

We want hardworking, enthusiastic and professional individuals to create an effective new committee for 2018-2019!

If you would like to run for a position, please send your application to including:

  1. Your name and phase
  2. A photo of yourself
  3. The role you are running for
  4. A brief summary (200 words max) of why you want to run for the role

Please Note:

  • You must be a member of the surgical society to apply or vote!
  • Membership can be bought on our website or on the day
  • Feel free to apply up to 2 positions!

On the day you will be invited to make a short speech (max 3 mins) on why you should be elected

Here are descriptions for available positions: Any questions please feel free to email 🙂

  1. President* – runs committee meetings and manages the overall running of the committee and society as a whole
  2. Vice President*- assists the president in his/her duties and takes over the role of president if he/she is absent
  3. Treasurer— chasing up expenses/ invoices/ reimbursements, applying for additional funding from the union/medsoc/external sponsors
  4. Secretary – writes and distributes minutes of the meetings, manages the society email account and membership database
  5. Academic and Anatomy coordinator – organises anatomy revision sessions, is in charge of our fanstatic mentorship programme, and coordinates academic talks, OSCE teaching and surgical teaching
  6. Clinical skills coordinator – organises surgical skills classes, lap skills sessions for the society and manages the equipment & supplies
  7. Events coordinator x2 – Organise the surgsoc events,
    socials and relevant events with other societies and organisations. There are two events coordinator positions available to maximise our potential for events
  8. Publicity coordinator – Maintain & regularly update social media accounts, Generate publicity content for all SurgSoc news & events, Liaise with committee members (esp. events & conference coordinator) for event details
  9. Website coordinator – maintaining the website (plugin updates), ensuring it stays up to date (news and events) and taking notes of payments. They are also responsible for the monthly newsletter for external events.
  10. Conference coordinator* – in charge of organising the annual national SurgSoc conference and managing the committee throughout the planning stages as well as on the day.
  11. WINS and Charity Representative – is in charge of charity bucket collection, organizes bake sales, the main organiser of the Scrubs Social event and organises charity and Women In Surgery awareness events

*Starred positions require applicant to have been on committee for a year previously

Note: The roles of Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Website Coordinator and WINS and Charity Representative will have a designated supportive role (i.e. will help another member of committee who will have a bigger work load)

We look forward to meeting you!


Meet the 2017-18 Committee!


President – Shavinthi Wadanamby
Conference Coord. – Nick Hare
Treasurer – Ayesha Girach
Academic Coord. – Akshay Kumar
Clinical Skills Coord. – Alex Osborne
Events Team – Kaveetha Kandiah
Events Team – Azhar Merchant
WinS & Charity Rep. – Bara Kubanova
Publicity Coordinator – Kar May Phoon
Website Coordinator – Adam Broncz
Honorary President – Ross Fisher